Understanding Chronic Impulsivity And How It Can Affect Your Life

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Chronic impulsivity is not something you usually hear a lot about, but it is a condition that can cause a lot of negative issues in a person's life. In fact, many people who suffer from chronic impulsivity may not even be aware of it. Knowing what symptoms to look for and understanding the negative impact chronic impulsivity can have on your life will help you know if you need counseling for the condition.

21 November 2022

What Is Online Ministry And What Does It Do?

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Christians are invited to take comfort in one another while teaching each other and holding each other accountable. One of the best ways Christians can do this is by participating in church life. However, attending church on Sunday isn't feasible or desirable for everyone. Fortunately, the information age gives Christians new opportunities to connect with one another online. An online ministry can feed your spirit by enabling you to hear sermons and fellowship with others.

15 August 2022

Key Benefits Of Sending Your Child To A Christian Youth Camp This Summer

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There is nothing that shouts summer like the advertisements for local summer camps popping up everywhere in the local communities. As a parent, you may be wondering if you should send your child to a summer youth camp and how it may benefit them. Christian youth camp is a great choice and can help your child grow spiritually and emotionally as they experience regular worship services along with plenty of activities to make their week enjoyable.

27 May 2022

Four Ways You Can Benefit From a Spiritual Guidance Learning Program

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Do you often feel as if your life is not all it could be? Do you find yourself wishing you could be more in tune with your feelings, thoughts, and emotions? If so, enrolling in a spiritual guidance learning program can help you navigate your own unique pathway through life and get in touch with your spiritual side.  (1) Focus on your true self It is not uncommon for people to feel as if they do not even know who they are any longer as they progress through various seasons of life.

22 February 2022

Family Worship Sessions And Group Activities That Are Held Virtually

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Many churches offer their members and newcomers with the opportunity to engage in Christian services via an online platform. If you don't have a church near you, consider attending some virtual worship sessions. This type of arrangement may prompt you and your loved ones to engage in family worship sessions on a routine basis. Virtual Visits If your ultimate goal is to choose a Christian church that you, your spouse, and your children will be comfortable attending, virtual visits will familiarize everyone with how a sermon is conducted and the types of programs that are offered to adults and children.

15 July 2021

4 Answers To Questions About Reiki Healing

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Reiki healing originated in Japan. Reiki is based on the premise that every living thing has an energy field surrounding it. When energy is blocked from flowing normally, illness and pain can result. Like Chinese acupuncture, Reiki works by redistributing the energy that surrounds a person's body. Many people haven't heard of Reiki before and aren't sure how it works or what they should expect. Here are the answers to four common questions about Reiki healing:

13 April 2021

3 Goals Online Life Coaching Ministry Services Can Help You Achieve

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Whether you are a pastor or lead a Bible study in your church or home, online life coaching ministry services can help you. From learning to balance your personal life and ministry to developing better listening skills, life coaching skills can help you develop healthy lifestyle habits that will help you lead well and grow in your own faith and ministry. (1) Striking a healthy work-life balance One of the most common issues among ministry workers is a failure to strike a healthy balance between work and their personal life.

11 February 2021