Who moved my mouse book

Courtesy of Who Moved My Mouse? Dena Harris

The holidays are here and I have found the perfect gift for your shopping list.  Be ready to find out the perfect translation to your kitty’s elusive mind and get some of life’s little answers with the book “Who moved my mouse? A self-help book for cats (who don’t need any help).”

Dena Harris delivers a witty, smart, no-nonsense book, full of priceless tidbits that will imprint a huge smile on your face. When she tells us: “Don’t sweat the small stuff…but feels free to freak out over anything that moves suddenly or without warning” you will see how much of her wisdom – even though it comes disguised as cat wisdom – applies to your everyday life.

When I received the book to review I was expecting something mildly amusing and was very pleasantly surprised to find it robust, entertaining and laugh out loud funny account of what goes through the minds of cats. Some of it is so spot on that I can totally see possible explanations for my cat’s Mia and Fuffy behavior.  Sure, it is all in fun, but Harris’ writes it so well, you will be wondering if she has inside information.

Sprinkled with beautiful illustrations from Ann Boyajian, this funny book will be the perfect gift for the cat lover, or if you do not have a cat; then perhaps this little book will let you in why the rest of us are so crazy about our feline friends.

Bottom line: 9 lives full of meow out loud

Here is the link to the book’s site: Who Moved My Mouse?