Stinking Pooch?


Fret no more…Pepper an Tanky have several dog perfumes to spritz on your dog. Their French Eau du Parfum line has yummy and fun names like: Peaches N’ Creams, Big Dawg, Vanilla Woof and Puppy Love.

Courtesy of Pepper and Tanky

Courtesy of Pepper and Tanky

The perfumes are beautifully packaged and come in retro style bottle with a vintage-inspired atomizer, poof, poof…nice! The cool bottles will look great anywhere and the delicate scent will make you want to sniff your pooch all the time!

How about the perfume? They are made from the highest quality natural oils like Bergamot, Neroli, Jasmine, Amber and other natural oils safe for your dog. They contain little alcohol and the subtle scents are meant to last for days without irritating sensitive coats or delicate noses. The scents are not overpowering and they are perfect for “touch ups” between grooming appointments and baths.

Pepper and Tanky are tested and approved by dogs and their humans, try these and tell us how you like them.

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