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iPetScene: Welcome to the Internet Pet Scene. We are your online source for pet supplies, pet stores, pet care, pet products and everything pet related.


iPEtScene pet Adoption

The Humaine Society Dog Adoption Petsmart Adoptions North Shore Animal League of America The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Petco Pet Adoptions Best Friends Pet Adoption Pets 911 Fidn your pet here Adopt A pet Pet Finder Pet Adoption

Pet bakery and Gourmet Food

A Treat Boutique for dogs The Honest Kitchen Threee Dog Bakery Dog Treats Dipidy Dawg Gourmet Dog Treats K9 Confecctions Delicious Dog Treats Lucky Dog Cuisine Homemade Dog Food

Pet bedding

uDogBeds pet bedding and more Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Beds Mammoth Dog Beds Dog Bed Works Paw Digs - Pet Beds iDogBeds petLinens

Pet Bling Bling

Pet Jewelry GP Jewelry Bling Bling Puppy Here Kitty Kitty Posh Pawz Dog Collar Fancy

Pet Blog and Forum

Cats, adoption, health & care information at Catster. Photo, video, sharing community for cats. Dog breed, adoption, health & care information at Dogster. Photo, video, sharing community for dogs K9Mania.com dog lover forums and chat community. PetBoogaloo is an entertaining site for pet lovers around the world. Discuss Pets @ PetLovers.Com - Pets, Pet Forums

Pet Carriers

Per Favor, pet carriers Small Dog Carriers Pets Alley, ept carriers Dogs Comfort, dog strollers, dog carriers, dog beds Sherpa, fine pet carriers Dog Kennels Pet Carriers

Pet Communities

ZooToo United Cats - Cat Community i heart paws You Pet Dogasaur Pet Pop My Dog Space, My Cat Space

Pet Designer items, pet luxury and haute couture

Bitch New York, designer items for small dogs Scooter and Friends, high quality products for dogs Designer Accessories for pets Duds for pups Multiple stores for designer dog clothing Modern Tails Luxury Pet Boutique Glamour Dogs, designer clothing and accessories for dogs

Pet Experts

Warren Eckstein Pet Trainer and expert Charlotte Reed, Pet Expert Steve Dale's Pet World Andrea Warden Pet Expert Kristen Levine Pet Expert Cesar Millan Dog Whisperer Wendy Nan Rees Lyfestyle Pet Advisor

Pet Funnies and pet jokes

LOL Cats, funny cat pictures Funny dog site, fully pictures Stuff on my cats, cat funny pictures i has a hot dog funny pictures Snuzzy, pet funnies I Can haz cheezeburger, funny dogs and cat pictures Stuff on my mutt, dog funnies

Pet Furniture, furnitures for dogs

Hepper modern pet furniture Calling all dogs, Dog Bed shop, dog beds and furniture Cats Play, cat furniture Dog houses, houses for pets All Pet furniture, furniture for pets Den Haus, pet houses

Pet Health

Pet Doc Web veterinarian Healthy Pet, online health info for pets VCA - pet health reference Pets MD, online articles for pet health Pet Place, health information and reference for pets Pet MD, large database of pet related health issues

Pet RX and pet prescription, medications

Pet RX Pet Care Choice Pet Care RX Vet RX Direct 1-800-pet meds The Only Natural Pet Store Online Pet Meds

Pet Insurance

Pet First Healthcare ASPCA Pet Insurance PetPlan Insurance for pets Pets Best Insurance Quick Care Pet Insurance VPI Pet Insurance Pet Assure pet insurance

Pet societies, ept organizations, rescue societies

American Kennel Club PETA PAWS North Shore Animal League of America ASPCA Best Friends Animal Society USA Humane Society

Pet superstores, pet products

PetEdge - great pet products at a huge discount Pet Superstore State Line Tack - Horse supplies Entirely Pets Dog.com Petsmart Petco Jake's Dog House

Pet Supplies and pet products, medication, pet pharmacy

Next Day Pets Busch Pet products Muttropolis cool pet supplies Pet Street mall pet products and pet supplies Sit stay Mutt Mart That Pet Place Doctors Forster and Smith Pet Supplies

Pet tags, engraved tags, designer pet tags

Tag Xpress, pet tags fast Cool and artisitic pet id tags Personalized pet tags Brass Paw, dog and pet tags We love your pets ID tags for pets Dog Tags and dog collars Tags for Pets Pet tags.com

Dog toys, pet toys, cat interactive toys

Dog toys dog products Doy toys Lucy Dog house Toys for tails Calling all dogs Fecth Dogs - toys for dogs and dog products Dogsfortoys.com Fun Dog Fred for everything dog fun

Pet Travel, pet hotes, pet accomodations, trips with dogs

Lets Go Pets - find pet friendly hotels, motels and inns Happy Trails Travel Agency Dogfriendly.com travels with pets Pet Friendly Hotels and Pet Friendly Travels Pets welcome- pet lodgings, hotels and travel info Bring Fido when you travel tripswithpets.com travel with your pets

What is iPetScene?

The Internet Pet Scene is visual mall, catalog and marketplace of the best pet related sites. We research and choose the sites we thing are the best. We also review some pet products, and pick a few sites to feature every month. There is always something happening here…We Find. You Fetch.

Bookmark us and come back every time you are looking for a cool pet product like pet treats, designer pet apparel, stylish pet furniture, communities to share stuff about your pet, dreamy pet bedding, must-have pet accessories, pet health and insurance, pet discount medications, and much more. We search for the best pet related sites and categorize them in a logo based visual mall…

Why the Internet Pet Scene?

We are pet owners and we were tired of finding great pet related sites, saving the links and then never finding them again. Sure, bookmark sites and bookmarks helped us save the link but we still had to search and the links just got lost in between all other links. Besides, most people are visual people and it is easier to remember an image then a link… So, we thought, why not create a place where sites are arranged by their logos in an easy-to-figure-out format? Piece of cake!! Another huge reason was that we were tired of performing searches only to find pages full of text links and sponsored ads.” In those sites you have to search again by reading all the ads! So we created a one-stop site full of links to the best pet related sites. From pet superstores, to pet health, pet care, pet communities, pet supplies to pet toys, we have it all and are adding more everyday! Make sure you save the ipetscene.com page and come back often. To make things easier for you we incorporated several Bookmarking links at the top of the page. Just click on the appropriate one and add us to your favorite sites.

What kind of categories does iPetScene have?

Our first category is iPetScene Monthly Finds. In this section we feature the sites we are in love with for this month. The pet related sites are chosen either because they offer a great pet related service; a trendy cool pet product; something awesome related to pet care; a pet site with amazing design; or any site that we think you would like to know more about.” The other Pet categories are always growing and evolving. Currently we have:

Adoption: in case you are looking for a pet to adopt. The sites we chose for this category are national sites that offer a large database of dogs, cats and puppies to adopt.

Bakery and Gourmet Food: We found the yummiest dog treats, and dog food bakeries and in here you will find all-natural treats, pet gourmet food, homemade dog food and more!

Bedding: These sites have an extensive supply of pet beds, not only dog beds but also cat beds, including heated cat beds and designer pet beds.

Bling Bling: In need of a fancy collar? How about a dog leather collar? Rhinestone collars, designer dog jewelry and the glitziest pet accessories can be found in this category.

Blogs and Forums: Dog and pet forums are a great place to share ideas, ask questions about pet related issues and just meet people with the same pet interests. We found a few sites with large membership that will provide you a great place to discuss and share ideas.

Communities: These sites are communities devoted to pets, dogs, cats and animals. In these sites you can create your pet page, share pet pictures and pet videos, relate to other pet owners and network with pet owners like you. You can even get a blog for your dog, cat, bird, horse or other pet!

Pet Carriers: Need a stylish pet carrier to take your dog or cat around? These sites are the best when it comes to pet carriers, dog kennels, pet crates, designer dog carriers, and products to take your pet around.

Designer Pet Items: All the must have trendy; haute couture and designer pet boutique items are here! Pampered pets can find the latest brand names here. Pet Experts: A pet expert and pet advisor can help you with pet training, dog and pet tips, tips on a better lifestyle for your pet. We feature a few pet trainers and experts that will no doubt offer great insight on raising your pet.

Funny Sites: We all need a few laughs and pets provide just that. Some of these sites will have you laughing out loud with dog and pet jokes, dog funny pictures, cat LOL images, pet videos and more. One visit to these sites and you might get addicted!

Furniture: These sites offer a large supply of pet beds, dog houses, dog couches, litter boxes, modern furniture, cool night stands that double as dog beds kitty condos and pet furnishings for every taste.

Health Info: Do you have questions about your pet health? Is your dog not behaving differently? These sites provide thorough information on pet health, pet diseases, pet symptoms; pet behavior, dogs and cats vaccinations, veterinarians and most provide vet advice.

Pet Health and RX: So your dog needs a prescription from a pet pahrmacy? Or maybe he needs a homeopathic solution? These sites sell pet prescription medications with substantial discounts.

Pet Insurance: We showcase here the large, most known insurance carriers for pets. These pet insurance carriers offer different pet plans to suit any budget and circumstance.

Societies and Organizations: National pet organizations are displayed here. These organizations are advocates for animals and educate, inform and lobby on behalf of animals.

Superstores: These stores sell everything related to pets and offer a large catalog of pet products. From pet food to pet clothes, pet houses to pet bedding, these pet superstores have it all.

Pet Supplies: These pet stores sell a large variety, and hard to find pet related items. Most sites offer pet Rx; birds, cats, horses, ferrets, pond, reptiles, cats and dog supplies.

Pet Tags: Help your pet identification by getting him a pet tag with his name and contact information…You can find every type of pet tags here. Designer dog tags to match that designer outfit. Customized dog tags to express your puppy’s personality. Engraved dog tags and discount pet tags can be found here.

Toys: These sites will provide hours of entertainment for your dog, cat or any pet. Are you looking for a kong dog toy? A cat toy stuffed with catnip? Maybe an interactive cat toy to keep your kitty amused for hours? Visit these sites and you will find the coolest dog toys, cat toys and pet toys around! Travel: When we travel we can take our pets too! These sites are a great resource for finding pet hotels, airlines that will fly your pet, hotel chains that welcome pets, airline pet requirements and sites that will provide all the info needed for the perfect travel with your pet.

How do we find the sites we display?

Well, that is simple. Research, research and more research. We have some standards we keep in mind when we review a site: first of all the site has to be well designed, easy to navigate and have a purpose that offers benefits for the user. We are not interested in sites that exist only to provide links to other sites. Only relevant sites will be displayed. What does that mean? Well, some sites are included because of their products, some sites because of the site layout, some sites because of the amount of products they sell, some sites because they are funny, others are just cool to look at. For now we are accepting suggestions and recommendations for pet products and services. We will review the entries and see if we want to showcase either a product or add the site to our database. Please send us your suggestions, but don’t pressure us and don’t try to sell us anything. For more information about iPetScene, please visit our About Us page.

What else do we do?

Well, we invented this awesome little gadget to help you hang pictures. Quite simply this will save you lots of time, so you can go spend more time with your pets. Check it out here: Simply Hang It.

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